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Wanker Mug

Wanker Mug

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With 69 Categories of Wanker available, you're sure to find the wanker you need!

We all know those car wankers, motorbike wankers, motorhome wankers, gym wankers, and even vegan wankers, right? Well now's your chance to show them what you think with a wanker mug made just for them!

Browse our mugs and you'll find the one you need - and if you can't just email and we'll add it to our store asap. (P.S. they're double sided)

*mug colours/styles may vary occasionally.


  • Wan Her, Bristol

    The Human Resources Wanker is exactly what I needed to show Barbara what a bitch she is!


  • Dr Phil McCrotch, Pussy

    Combined with the Wanker Chief, the Mug and Tug combo is one fancy Sperm Collection Kit!


  • Chubby Cox, Ardfork

    There's a Mug for every Wanker I meet on the tools! Especially the Brickies, fucking tossers.


  • Dixie Normous, Bell End

    Not trying to brag, but for me, the Wankerchief wasn't enough, needed the Mug too!


  • York Hunt, Scratchy Bottom

    Got the Brickies Mug from some Plumber who thinks he's the Dogs Bollocks. Good thing there's a Plumber Mug with his name on it!


  • Yuri Nate, Nob End

    A Mug and a Tug, the perfect combo, a fun night in!



Get a Mug for 15% OFF when ordered with a Singular Wankerchief with our 'Mug & Tug' Combo! Perfect for if you know 2 Wankers or your mate is just a Colossal Wanker.

Discount Applies to Each Singular Mug ordered for every Wankerchief 👇